Here Are The Reasons Why The World Loves Pakistani Food Culture!

Pakistan is a country with a lot of different cultures and people. With that brings an amalgamation of wonderful clothing, dance, songs, jokes, traditions and of course food. Pakistani food culture is unique each place has their own twist to the same dishes. Whilst also having completely different dishes as well.

Food is like a religion in Pakistan, with places open up till 3:00 am in the morning you can pretty much get anything you want at any time. Every city in Pakistan has its own dishes which they are known for. More so, even certain areas of the city are known for separate dishes. Not just the cities, but the villages also have their own food culture.

Pakistani food culture is so deep and hard to explain. I think that I can write a full 300-page book on it and it still won’t do it justice. I will try my best to summarise the Pakistani food culture in this short article to the best of my abilities.

Firstly let’s begin with the food culture of the various cities of Pakistan.

Pakistani Food Culture – Cities

There are tons of cities in Pakistan but I will discuss the food cultures of the largest ones. I will focus on the food culture of Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, and Quetta. These are the most famous cities of each province in Pakistan and I will promptly tell you what type of food culture all of them have.


Starting off with Karachi. It would be justified if I said that Karachi has the best food culture in all over Pakistan. It doesn’t matter where ever you are from you can find your national dish here but with a Karachi twist. Karachites are known for eating more spicy food than their other fellow Pakistanis. People of Karachi love to add their own influence into all of the cuisines. Whether it is Italian, French, American or Desi you can find it in Karachi with a bit of Karachiness in it. Although some might say that they are taking away the authenticness of the dishes but hey they make it so good that you can’t complain.

The simple food culture of Pakistan revolves around street food, dine in food and take away foods.

Karachi is known for a few food items I will list them down so that you can know the Pakistani food culture.


Biryani is something that Karachi is famous for and is something that is loved by each and every Pakistani. It is the staple of the Pakistani cuisine and no family gathering is complete without it. Whether it is chicken, beef or mutton biryani everyone loves it. Biryani is the epitome of Pakistani food culture. 

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